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My name is Dr. Alan Ramkhalawan

Here at Persuasive Consults, I provide life coaching which entails helping others overcome fears due to mental, social and emotional blocks.  I am a licensed Florida pharmacist who transitioned from pharmacy to play poker full time and now I help others with life coaching.  As someone who decided to take life into my own hands and create my own destiny, I am certain in my ability to help you do the same.  My purpose is to help those who feel stuck in their lives and teach others how to break free from their current standards of living to achieve fulfillment.  

Together at the Top


Here at Persuasive Consults my mission is to "deconstruct and reconstruct" your life in order for you to find abundance and fulfillment


My vision is to help those who are looking for a total life transformation physically, mentally, socially, emotionally and spiritually.

Cloud with Silver Lining
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