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FAQ for Life Transformation Consultation

What is the goal of a life transformation consultant? 


The goal is transform your mindset and emotions to assist you in achieving goals in areas of your life where you feel stuck which leads to finding fulfillment and abundance.  

What areas of life do you help with specifically?

The main focus is overcoming fears associated with anxiety and depression due to social/emotional/mental blocks.  Other areas of assists include: mental performance, dating and also finding life's passions/purpose.

How does this course measure improvements for clients?


The plan is to take an inventory of where you are currently and where you want to be in multiple areas of  your life and personalize a plan tailor made for you.  At the end of your 12 weeks you will be able to measure your progress both subjectively based on how you feel and objectively from metrics for tangible items in your life.  Also when new situations arise you will be able to apply the tools and training that are provided to help you navigate life's circumstances much easier. 


After the 12 weeks of completion do I have to do anything else?


Think about this course similar to hiring a personal trainer.  You can’t just hire a personal trainer for 12 weeks and get the body you want then go back to bad habits and keep the ideal body type.  This is a lifestyle that needs to be instilled in you.  It is not a short term process.  

How do you know that your service will help me?


The truth is that I can only help those who have reached a certain point of being tired of the way that they are living before I can truly help you with finding yourself and achieving your abundance.  The reason I say this is that, if you have resistance then you will fight with trying to apply concepts that I wish to teach.  You must be willing to make a radical change for things to happen.  In Buddhism when you think you know everything “empty your cup”.  My program is not for the faint at heart.  I will dig deep in your past and we will discuss things that will hurt and make you cry if needed.  Which brings me to my next point, if you are too prideful to cry then this is not for you.  As you bring up emotional pain and discomfort in your life, you will be moved to tears, which actually is a great thing because that’s when real healing begins.

Why 12 weeks of training?


The simple answer is that bad habits need to be broken.  Often times it requires digging deep and finding your previous blocks whether it is mental, social or emotional and then replacing them with new habit patterns.  

Is it truly necessary to hire a life coach to transform my own life? 


The honest answer is “No”.  However, I have spend well over a decade reading books from communication, negotiation, empathy, compassion, spirituality, abundance mindset, mental reprogramming, learning about fears, finding your power, emotional and social intelligence, habits, business protocols, etc.  So the short answer of whether you can do this without me is “Yes you can”, but it will take most people years to not only filter through the mounds of reading but also apply what you have been taught in the correct manner to get optimal results.  If you are like me, you probably don’t read or watch something the first time around and are magically able to apply everything and things occur without any problems, if you were able to do that then you would not need to hire me.

Do you do online coaching?


Yes, I am now accepting clients for online coaching. 

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