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Finding gratitude

Gratitude is vital for your life's journey but how does it help? When you are in a negative mental and emotional state it is quite difficult to shift to your optimal abundance mindset.

Finding moments of gratitude gives you a change your life's perspective. An example in my life is when I think about my present situation if it is in a negative state, I tend to think about others who are in worse predicaments than myself. It is difficult to stay in a feeling of lack when there are people who truly have more severe obstacles to overcome whether physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, etc. In the era of the internet, we are blessed to read or listen to stories around the world with the click of a button of those who have overcome adversities that are much worse than our own. Having this knowledge gives me clarity to push forward when times seem troubling. There is ALWAYS a way to excel, some may need more effort, time, resources, etc. but there is ALWAYS a solution to get to your abundance.

When you start putting your focus on what you have rather than what you don't have, your mind tends to be more solution driven. The mind is a powerful machine that only generates what you put focus upon whether it is a positive thought or a negative one. This is the reason that you should find gratitude to keep you in a positive mindset. As you feed your mind positive thoughts, emotions and beliefs, you allow your mind to steer you towards the abundance in which you seek.

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