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How to move when your parents don't see your vision

Today is 7/1/2022 and I am currently not working in my initial career of pharmacy as my role in the clinical study that I was working on has come to an end. I was doing contract pharmacist work for clinical research on the side for a few months working about 8 to 10 hours a week while I played poker full time. I took a break from playing poker because I felt that God was pushing me into a different direction to serve others so I chose to do life transformation coaching. I always had a passion to want to give back to others and was good at taking risks and living my life off of faith. I told my family last week that I was working on a website although I was hesitant to tell them what exactly I was doing for the fear that they would not understand. Today I spoke to my father who in my eyes is always my biggest critic from the beginning especially since I told my family 5 years ago that I quit my career in pharmacy to play poker professionally. When I told my dad that I was doing life coaching, his first response was “What is that?” I was not surprised as his generation is quite functional, if it is not directly a tangible service for society then he wouldn’t understand the vision. His response went back towards what he reverts to which is what he knows, to work for someone, in this case he tried to convince me to go back to pharmacy. I told him that it wasn’t the direction that I wanted to go anymore and he just told me that he wasn’t going to push the issue. He asked me what made me qualified to do such things and that I needed certification, but I told him that I had experiences in life that make me qualified. Of course I felt in his voice that he felt defeated in trying to get me to go back to pharmacy. He let me speak to my mom and even though she also asked what life coaching was, at least her response was a little bit more soothing, but I don’t think she fully understood either. She has been a little more accepting of my direction and at least acknowledged that I should trust my gut, but sometimes I wonder if she worries as well or even what they both say after I hang up the phone. As a child who just wants a parent’s approval, it is extremely difficult not to break down in tears when they don’t accept you for what you want to do in life. I’m not trying to throw my life away, but I have to accept that my parent’s generation is a generation of survival and function ,not of dreams and aspirations. They are stuck in the reality of “what is” rather than what “is more.” My goal in this moment is to find compassion and forgiveness as I can’t change someone who can’t see a vision. I know they are worried about safety and survival and are not coming from a bad place but it still hurts when you feel like people shun your ideas and don’t understand. These are moments where you learn to let go and trust in God, breathe and of course stay on course and get back to enjoying the journey. When you have a voice sometimes your entire surroundings will persuade you to do what the crowd is doing in order to fit in. In those cases it is sometimes important to separate from others so you can protect your dream. Search for those who support you and don’t carry hate for those who don’t understand, just accept them for where they are in their life journey. It takes courage to make change and as you continue to step forward. Always keep your vision in mind and remember you are trying to create something new so you will have to carry a heavier load than others, but the fruit is so much sweeter when you succeed. Love, honor and respect yourself no matter what and trust in God!

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